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Woohyun: “Sungyeol, give me a massage~”

อหเกลียดอะ หน้านัมแม่งมีความสุขจังล่ะ เขิล


A Wooyeol heart for you ❤


A Wooyeol heart for you 

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.”

This is Infinite Ep. 1 – Wooyeol moments

Favorite WOOYEOL moments #9

เป็นห่วงกันมากมั้ยล้ะะะะ ;-;


Idol Sports Day 2012.01.08

cr: soosoonamu



woohyun has a thing with yeol’s waist/hips part1

as requested by Emilie (kuroidaiyamondo)

…yes, basically, it’s for you, i did a fast search among my too huge folders actually, so i know i def’ missed out something, but right now i can’t just remember u_u

…if some hand-touching-butt pic is in there, well, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean?…..xD